Pallet Tainer

  • Empty Pallet Tainer can be nested without disassembly in a 10:1 ratio
  • Completely portable & maximizing flexibility.
  • Other colours,sizes and additional features etc.,available on request.
Outer Dimension ( mm ) Inner Dimension ( mm ) Weight ( kg ) Allowable Load Applicable Pallet
Width Depth Height Width Depth Height
STA-01A 1350W 1215L 1235H 1250W 1150L 1000H 56 1000 kg, 4 Level 1100W x 1100L
STA-02A 1350W 1215L 1435H 1250W 1150L 1200H 65 1100W x 1100L
STA-03A 1450W 1215L 1235H 1350W 1150L 1000H 58 1200W x 1100L
STA-04A 1450W 1215L 1435H 1350W 1150L 1200H 66 1200W x 1100L
STA-05A 1550W 1215L 1450H 1450W 1150L 1000H 59 1300W x 1100L
STA-06A 1550W 1215L 1435H 1450W 1150L 1200H 68 1300W x 1100L

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